Meet the team:
Mew A.K.A. Lexi Sprague
Founder and CEO

First some background information; my father ran wave systems for many years and I have grown up with everyday dinner conversations built around security and peoples rights to it. When I founded Etransfr I decided everyone had to have access to private communication on the internet in a pretty UI/UX package. This is the first company to be focused on finding a balance between security and user interface design. Allowing for easy to use and fun solutions. On a less serious note, I don't like pasta! 0.0
Felipe Such
Co-Founder, Lead Developer

Learn more about Felipe soon!
Julianna Gabler
Human Resources

I joined Etransfr for the pizza. I mean pizza is the best right??? Okay, I'm kidding because I'm really tired of the pizza. The real reason I joined is because I believe strongly that the Internet should remain private; with time, the user has lost their ability to control and see where their data goes. I'm excited to see where all of my nerdy, goofy, and dedicated teammates take this company; after all, they are all pretty awesome.
Jacob Mccormick
Interactive Media Developer

Hi there, and welcome to my little slice of our website. Hope you've enjoyed learning about are fantastic team. I became a part of Etransfr in the very beginning. Before Etransfr took over most of my life and energy, I spent my days and nights playing Xbox, coding, watching tv and getting plenty of sleep. I am part of Etransfr because I believe that secure communications are paramount in today's social-rich environment. The power if safe communication should be in the hands of the individual and not in the pockets of those that would abuse the power. If this sounds good to you then you are in the right place. Welcome to Etransfr.
Diandra Vega
Web & Mobile Developer

I first joined Etransfr looking for something to do outside of school work and make me feel productive. It'd be something to work on rather than sit in my room watching South Park all day or The Lord of the Rings (Great movies by the way)... But after joining, it turned into something much more. I found myself heavily engaged and participating in web and then soon took up the challenge to learn iOS development which by the way is a nightmare, but I love the challenge! Not only have I become heavily involved in this project, but I now find myself extremely passionate about regaining my privacy back from the internet. Aside from work, I enjoy singing, writing, the outdoors, and love the spring but it sure hates me! Allergies are killer man.
Daniel Zhou
Web Developer

I joined Etransfr seeking for something else to do during my weekends; I wanted to do something related to my major that was fun and exciting. I'm glad to say that I've finally found a challenge.
Benjamin Handel
Mobile Developer

I joined Etransfr because I wanted to do something exciting and new, preferably related my major. Privacy and security has always been a big interest of mine so when I got word of the team needing more developers I was pretty excited. Unsurprisingly, working with everyone has been quite a great experience and I'm pretty pumped for what will come of the future.
Adam Schechter
Graphic Designer

I joined Etransfr to put my passion for design to good use. I have a problem with applications that abuse privacy and Etransfr and Chadder are the safest options I've yet to find. Being able to help design something that I feel strongly about is amazing and I can't wait to design more in the future.